About Us

I always had sensitive skin. From what i ate to what skin products or clothing wear. I had to be extra careful to avoid breaking out or worse getting physically sick .
One day sitting around the conversation sparked and i birthed my baby.....
Welcome to Pleasures Beauty Bar Inc. 
When it comes to beauty,  no one deserves to be an afterthought. Here we put you first!
Our primary goal is to offer our customers unsurpassed service along with the best products and guaranteed affordable prices.
Your personal care and beauty needs is our top priority on self care; In confidence mentally, physically, and emotionally.  We take pride in our natural beauty skin care line. With using top quality 100% all natural ingredients we are dedicated to making you look and feel great for your hair, skin and body.
What you put in and on your skin matters.
Let us be your one stop shop for full body beauty inside and out.
You'll love the fun, positive, high energy atmosphere we create whether your shopping online or in person. 
Thank you for choosing Pleasures Beauty Bar Inc.