All-Natural 5- Step Papaya Facial Kit

All-Natural 5- Step Papaya Facial Kit

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Papaya face scrub: mild extractor helps to gently remove dead skin cell. Leaves your skin radiant and youthful; also aids in cleaning dirt that leads to acne and breakouts. 

Papaya face cleanser: rich in vitamin C & A ! works as an antioxidant to reduce irregular pigmentation and dark spots. 

Papaya face mask:  the vitamin  E & C  rejuvenates the skin, giving you a younger looking glow. The alpha hydroxyl acids prevents signs of aging, wrinkles and fine lines.

Papaya face moisturizer: the enzymes in Papaya decrease inflammation.  This product helps reduce acne, and removes dead skin cells that clog pores. 
Papaya seed oil:  Gives a healthy over all glow. Reduces blemishes, scars and evens out skin tones.
  • Scrub: apply to face gently for 10 minutes then wash off with cold water.
    Ingredients: fresh Papaya, sugar.
  • Cleanser: apply to face, massage for 3 minutes.  Wipe off after
    Ingredients: fresh Papaya, lemon juice,  rose water.
  • Mask: apply to face leave on for 15 minutes until dry then wash off with lukewarm water.
    Ingredients: fresh Papaya, yogurt, pleasure organic flour.
  • Moisturizer: apply to face, massage for 5 minutes then wash off.
    Ingredients: fresh papaya, honey, cream.
  • Seed oil: apply to face in circular motion. Do not wash off( optional ).
    Ingredients: papaya seeds, coconut oil