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Pleasure's Beauty Bar Inc.

Men's All- Natural Collection

Men's All- Natural Collection

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Excellent for all skin types, this organic beard and mustache products softens and smooths the beard while it moisturizes and nourishes skin. It helps with skin irritation and flaking, softens coarse beard hair and promotes strong, healthy beard growth. 

  • Great for large beards, small beards, and mustaches
  • Absorbs quickly and gives your beard a smooth, soft, subtle shine
  • Promotes hair growth by helping you maintain a healthy beard
  • A lightweight blend, that won't weigh down your beard or feel greasy
  • Healthy skin and healthy hair follicles means healthy whiskers!
  • No added scent for sensitive skin and noses
  • All Natural, Certified Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Non-GMO

Beard Oil 

  • PERFECT LOOKING BEARD: Our Beard oil is formulated to hydrate your skin, soften and moisturize your hair, eliminate Itching and flaking for a healthy-looking, smooth and frizz-free beard or mustache. Our Cedarwood beard oil is light on the nose and smells fantastic. Get ready for your beard to turn heads!
  • HANDMADE IN CANADA WITH 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our proprietary blend of organic natural oils will tame your stray hairs and get the soft, controlled beard you want. Don’t settle for cheap lubricant oils, you’d be surprised how many products are imported from overseas with no safety or quality inspection whatsoever!
  • QUICK AND LASTING RESULTS: Feel the difference from the very first use with our carefully chosen ingredients 
  • BEST VALUE – The large 100ml  size Beard oil moisturizer will last for several months. It works great for any beard length and for all ethnicities

 Ingredients: almond oil, Extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil.



 Beard Balm

  • SOFTENS AND TAMES COARSE BEARD HAIR - An awesome feature about this beard balm, is that it does not matter how thin your beard hair is, or how coarse and curly. It will help to relax and condition your beard while helping hold your beard in place.
  • FULLER BEARD EFFECT + GROWTH - Beard butter & wax help beard feel fuller
  • TAMES WILD BEARD HAIR & LOCKS IN MOISTURE - Our Beard Balm has a higher levels of wax to help keep beard hair in place while making it soft and flexible.
  • ELIMINATES BEARD FLAKES & ITCHY SKIN so you can grow your beard with freedom!
  • BEST VALUE – The large 100ml size beard balm will last for several months. It works great for any beard length and for all ethnicities

 Ingredients: shea butter, beeswax,  almond oil, cedarwood oil and apricot oil.

Body Oil

A very nourishing natural liquid moisturizer. Enjoy the light texture and experience the oil easily soak into you body. It works to protect the skin and enhance radiance; leaving your skin gently scented with lavender!

 Ingredients: dried lavender,  grapeseed oil and coconut oil.


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